BioMedBridges and COSMOS highlight emerging role of metabolomics

Metabolomics is one of the latest -omics sciences and there is a growing interest for its application in prognosis, diagnosis, patient stratification and personalized medicine. For this reason, biomedical research infrastructures are strongly interested in the development of this technology. Because metabolomics is multidisciplinary in nature, it could rapidly become an “experimental bridge” between the different communities served by the research infrastructures.

To achieve this, a strong requirement is that any methodology deployed can be applied in the various biomedical contexts with little or no modification. The COSMOS project represents a successful ongoing effort, and BioMedBridges is instrumental in providing knowledge on how to harmonize data and metadata produced by users of the biomedical research infrastructures.

In a joint statement, the COSMOS and BioMedBridges projects have highlighted the emerging role of metabolomics in biomedical research and stress the need for further efforts in developing common standards and procedures to harmonize both experimental procedures and the data and metadata produced in metabolomics.

BioMedBridges and COSMOS: joint statement on the need for data standardisation in metabolomics