Joint COSMOS and HUPO PSI meeting April 2014

In April 13-16 the COSMOS (COordination Of Standards In MetabOlomicS) is planning to participate and to have a joint meeting with the proteomics HUPO Proteomics Standards Initiative community. This meeting will take place in Schloss Reinhartshausen Kempinski,
 Nr Frankfurt,
Germany. HUPO-PSI has defined community standards for data representation in proteomics and has facilitated data comparison, exchange and verification within the proteomics community. Many open source MS formats including: mzML, mzTab, mzIdentML and mzQunatML as well guidelines for minimum information reporting requirement for proteomic and peptide identification have been developed within this initiative. Working closely with the HUPO-PSI community should benefit the metabolomics community, particularly the COSMOS effort in development of open MS exchange formats for metabolomics. We also hope to contribute to the development of the MS based controlled vocabulary by PSI-MS by including the metabolomics community ontology requirement and terminology.   

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