WP1 - Management

WP1, “management”, ensures efficient communication within the COSMOS consortium, maintains the consortium website, organizes regular management online conferences, regular communication via group mailing list and maintains comprehensive documentation of all consortium decisions. WP1 coordinates the ‘technical’ activities within the project ensuring that the overall legal, contractual, ethical, financial and administrative management of the consortium is fulfilled. WP1 oversees the promotion of science and society issues related to the activities conducted within the project. 



The Metabolomics Society

- The HUPO Proteomics Standards Initiatvie in collaboration

Our aim is to further develop existing works, in order to be used by the COSMOS consortium.

Management roles:

We will organise yearly

  • Annual COSMOS consortium
  • Annual stakeholder meetings
  • Regular staff exchanges between the COSMOS partners.


We will systematically document the general decision-making process and decisions made in teleconferences, meetings and by mail exchange. This will be compiled regularly into COSMOS consortium documentation.

ParticipantsEMBL-EBI (coordinator), LU/NMC (co-coordinate).


D1.1 - Project Plan (m2)

D1.2.1 - COSMOS Project Report (m6)

D1.2.2 - COSMOS Project Report (m12)

D1.2.3 - COSMOS Project Report (m18)

D1.2.4 - COSMOS Project Report (m24)

D1.2.5 - COSMOS Project Report (m30)

D1.2.6 - COSMOS Project Report (m36)