The COSMOS Project

Metabolomics generates large and diverse sets of analytical data which impose significant challenges for e-infrastructures. Specificly there is a need for policies to ensure that metabolomics data is:

  1. Encoded in open standards to allow barrier-free and wide-spread analysis.
  2. Tagged with a community-agreed, complete set of metadata (minimum information standard). 
  3. Supported by a communally developed set of open source data management and capturing tools.
  4. Disseminated in open-access databases adhering to the above standards.
  5. Supported by vendors and publishers, who require deposition upon publication
  6. Properly interfaced with data in other biomedical and life-science e-infrastructures (such as ELIXIR, BioMedBridges, EU-Openscreen).

In order to achieve this, we have assembled the COSMOS (COordination of Standards in MetabOlomicS) consortium of leading European groups in Metabolomics and we will interface with all interested players in Metabolomics world-wide in the Metabolomics community and beyond.