WP4 - Data Deposition

WP4, “Data Deposition”has implemented harmonized and compatible data deposition and annotation strategies across all partners and generated an annotation manual for submitted data. To achieve Task 1“Definition and implementation of deposition data flow in the COSMOS consortium”,WP4 led the proposed for initial workflow for data deposition (D4.1), which is expected to evolve according to the requirements and feedback from partners, stakeholders and collaborators. D4.2 presented an initial XML schema of the minimum set of metadata definitions. We expect the schema would evolve throughout the lifetime of COSMOS as new collaborations, databases and publishers will bring new challenges for data annotation. The efforts in WP4 will now concentrate on advancing the models proposed in the above- mentioned deliverables in implementation of D4.3 and D4.4 (m15). 

As a second objective, we will work towards the generation of an annotation manual for submitted data and strive to make sure that all metabolomics data submitted to partner databases are annotated to this standard. Since the adoption of minimal standards for metabolomics by the relevant journals is a major goal of this coordination action, we are going to consult with publication houses and ensure data annotation quality and consistency, according to the required standard level set by each journal. In this activity the work by the BioSharing initiative (http://biosharing.org) will also be explored. Building on the effort of Minimum Information for Biological and Biomedical Investigations’ (MIBBI) portal (http://mibbi.org), the BioSharing initiative works to strengthen collaborations between researchers, funders, industry and journals, and to discourage redundant (if unintentional) competition between standards-generating groups.


D4.1- COSMOS repository data flow definition (m9) change to (18m)

D4.2 - COSMOS metadata format definition (m9)

D4.3 - MSI implementation of the COSMOS data flow (m15)

D4.4 - Consultation of the MSI implementation of the COSMOS data flow Publishers and International Society (m15)

D4.5 - Implementation of MSI/journal validation system (m30)