WP6 - Coordination with BioMedBridges and biomedical ESFRI infrastructures

WP6, “Coordination with BioMedBridges and biomedical ESFRI infrastructures”, aims to foster the interaction between COSMOS and the biomedical ESFRI infrastructures that have or may develop a particular interest in metabolomics. Interaction with the BioMedBridges project and its partner infrastructures was considered to be instrumental to easily reach out to the appropriate players within each infrastructure. WP6 initially collected the current and foreseeable needs for metabolomics within various ESFRI infrastructures. These were described in deliverable D6.1. Also on the basis of these results, a working group on metabolomics for biobanking has been implemented, comprising partners from the COSMOS and BioMedBridges projects as well as other stakeholders. The implementation of the working group reported in deliverable D6.2, aims to address the needs of biobanks, specifically BBRMI-ERIC requirement for metabolome profiling of their stored samples. 


D6.1 - Document describing requirements for relevant biomedical infrastructures with regard to Metabolomics (m 6)

D6.2 - Establishment of an NMR metabolomics working group between COSMOS and BioMedBridges (m 12)

D6.3 - Joint consensus document between COSMOS and BioMedBridges (m18)

D6.4 - Joint consensus document between COSMOS and BioMedBridges (Updated) (m 36)

D6.5 - Report on the recommendations of the use of Metabolomics of Biobank sample monitoring (m 24)