Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek - TNO

TNO is a Dutch research organisation, which has health research as one of its main themes. Nutrition and health research at TNO expands to incorporating omics and systems biology methods and concepts, as the real challenge of nutrition and health is the quantification of subtle effects in the “health spectrum” and not in the disease state. At TNO both “conventional” and omics based technologies are applied (emphasis on transcriptomics and targeted plasma proteomics, with a world-leading metabolomics facility). TNO has a leading role in the metabolomics biological data interpretation of studies within the Netherlands Metabolic Centre and other (inter) national consortia. Fluxes and stable isotopes, together with mathematical (systems biology) modeling also become relevant in our research and is used in several studies. TNO has extensive experience in database and workflow management design. TNOs metabolomics expertise spans a 25 year track record, has 12 metabolomics platforms operational of which 9 validated, and has brought international standardization and data processing pipelines to high professional standard. COSMOS contact point if Dr. J. (Jildau) Bouwman