The University Of Manchester

Manchester University (UNIMAN) was formed from the merger of the Victoria University and UMIST in 2005 and is now the largest single campus university in the UK with a research spend in excess of £375M per annum (2006/7 figures). The School of Chemistry is one of the largest research schools in the UK and has the second largest undergraduate population. Staff in the School of Chemistry play an active role in the Manchester Interdisciplinary Biocentre ( a £35M building designed to bring together scientists to attack and solve complex, multidisciplinary biological problems. Major research centres are housed within the building including the BBSRC-funded Manchester Centre for Integrative Systems Biology (MCISB; and the Michael Barber Centre for Mass Spectrometry ( Technical and scientific advances in MIB have led to the development of The Centre for Advanced Discovery and Experimental Therapeutics (CADET;, which bridges the divide between academic research in The Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences and Manchester-based NHS Trusts. CADET has a focus to translate and apply academic research to improve patient care and disease outcome through the development of new therapeutics and diagnostics, with a particular emphasis on age-related diseases (cardiovascular, diabetes, neurodegenerative), genetic disorders and pregnancy-related diseases.


UNIMMAN would be leading WP4 and COSMOS contact point it is Prof Roy Goodacre