WP7 - Outreach and Training

WP7, “Outreach and Training” (D7.1.2) builds close links between the COSMOS consortium and the wider metabolomics and biomedical community. WP7 employs the usual channels for the dissemination of COSMOS standards, including scientific publications, workshops, presentations at conferences and stakeholder meetings to reach the wider metabolomics community. In this reporting period we held almost 30 workshops (Task 3) at different locations, issued several news articles (Task 3), improved the COSMOS website and built links to various other web sites (Task 1), and had more than a dozen publications linked to COSMOS (Task 2). A stakeholder meeting (D7.3.1) was held along the Metabolomics Society conference on July 1st 2013 in Glasgow. The meeting was attended by 45 stakeholders from the EU, USA, Canada, China, Japan and Australia


D7.1.1 Outreach activity plan (including publications) (m 2)

D7.1.2 Updated Outreach activity plan (including publications) (m 12)

D7.1.3 Updated Outreach activity plan (including publications) (m 24)

D7.2 Report on the COSMOS consortium website (m 2)

D7.3.1 Report on annual stakeholder meetings (m 12)

D7.3.2 Report on annual stakeholder meetings (m 24)

D7.4.1 Web-based tutorial (m 18)

D7.4.2 Updated web-based tutorial (m 24)

D7.5.1 Report about training workshops (m 24)

D7.5.2 Report about training workshops (m 36)