EMBO Practical Course on Metabolomics Bioinformatics for Life Scientists 2016

EMBO Practical Course on Metabolomics Bioinformatics for Life Scientists

February 14 — 19, 2016

European Bioinformatics Institute, CB10 1SD, United Kingdom

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Link: https://www.ebi.ac.uk/training/events/2016/embo-practical-course-metabolomics-bioinformatics-life-scientists-2

Date: A Six-day course: starting Sunday, February 14 2016 to Friday, February 19, 2016

Who is this course aimed at: This course is aimed at PhD students, post-docs and researchers with at least two or three year’s experience in the field of metabolomics who are seeking to improve their skills in metabolomics data analysis.

Topics covered:

  • Metabolomics study design, workflows and sources of experimental error, difference between target and un-target approaches.
  • Metabolomics data processing tools: hands on open source R based programs, XCMS, MetFrag, MetFusion, Metab, rNMR/BATMAN for LC-MS and GC-MS data.
  • Metabolomics data analysis: Using R Bioconductor, understanding usage of univariate and multivariate data analysis, data fusion concepts and data clustering
  • Metabolomics downstream analyses: KEGG, BioCyc, MetExplore and Cytoscape for metabolic pathway and network analysis with visualisation of differential expression, understanding metabolomics flux analysis.
  • Metabolomics standards and databases: data dissemination and deposition in EMBL- EBI MetaboLights repository, review of collection and ever growing metabolomics online tools, resource and databases, COSMOS data standards, MSI (Metabolomics Standards Initiative)

We will have lively and interactive discussion throughout the course in addition to the hands-on data analysis and processing. We encourage you to bring problems you might have with a particular data set (YES, BRING YOUR DATA) and participate in group discussion. You might be asked to present your work and will participate in the discussions from day one.

For more details please have a look at the link below, or contact me Reza Salek.


Please make sure you have submitted a full application, as an incomplete application would not be eligible, deadline is 13 November 2015.