Metabolomics Society and ELIXIR UK questionnaire on training needs in metabolomics

The international Metabolomics Society was established to stimulate collaboration and association amongst scientists in academia, government and industry, and therefore to help to develop the science of metabolomics. ELIXIR-UK is the United Kingdom node within the European ELIXIR infrastructure and is focused on training that will be delivered in specialised centres, in courses, and through e-learning, in partnership with other European ELIXIR Nodes and agencies.

A key mechanism for supporting the growth of metabolomics is through the provision and support of training and this questionnaire will determine the training needs, the methods of delivery and catalogue current training courses. 

We request that all complete the questionnaire and distribute to other groups working (I attach a flyer) in the metabolomics community (either through technology development or through applications, e.g. the medical community).

We intend to distribute the findings from this questionnaire widely to the metabolomics community, for example through the Metabolomics journal and on-line MetaboNews, and we intend for it to guide the development of training programs globally.

Please complete the questionnaire below to enhance our knowledge on training requirements and delivery.