Biomarkers for Brain Disorders: Challenges and Opportunities 1-3 February 2015 Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, Cambridge, UK

The 3rd Wellcome Trust Scientific Conference on Biomarkers for Brain Disorders: Challenges and Opportunities was held at Wellcome Trust Genome Campus,  Cambridge, UK. The discovery and validation of biomarkers across neuroscience is an important challenge for early diagnosis of disease and for the development of therapeutics. Methodological and regulatory aspects of biomarker identification and qualification across a wide spectrum of neurodegenerative diseases will be discussed. There will also be a series of break-out sessions for in-depth discussions on cognitive and functional biomarkers, identifying the ‘gaps’ in developing therapeutics, and the analytical and clinical standards required in ‘big data’ projects. COSMOS presented "Standardisation, big data and global knowledge exchange in metabolomics: an opportunity for brain biomarker researchby Reza Salek, EMBL-EBI, UK"